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[Hack] Multibot_1.8.3

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Today, I present to you my Metin2 Multibot, this is a Multihack and a Levelbot togetherWink.

Here first video:

[Per vedere i link devi REGISTRARTI.]

[Immagine: levelbor.png]

[Immagine: levelbot.png]

[Per vedere i link devi REGISTRARTI.]

[Immagine: security.png]
[Immagine: multihack.png]

[Per vedere i link devi REGISTRARTI.]

Information to the injectors from 1.3:
On 64-bit you can inject normal as ever. On 32-bit would have to take the other Injector.

Instruction for injecting on 32-bit:

[Per vedere i link devi REGISTRARTI.]

If you see the error unable to install the system component, you have a 64-bit system !!!

Note, the functions, SpeedHack-Fix, Speed​​Attack-Fix and wallhack are detectet, you should use this only if it they really need, because I did not have a bypass for Smile

Functions, for a good Levelbot: Pottbot (Blue and Red), SkillBot, PickUp, GM Detector, attack mobs, pull mobs every x seconds, walk speed(without fix), Attack Speed(without fix), Attack Range and Zoom Hack / NoFog choice to look around. Of which is nothing detected and you can perfect level Big Grin

If you have XP, you must also login on an account whioch has no admin-rights Wink

Features - Levelbot:

- Pottbot (Potts will be automatically searched)
- Skillbot with adjustable time
- Auto Attack (Char is running to mobs and hitting them)
- MobPuller (with adjustable time, or with hotkey (F10))
- PickUp
- Restart here
- GM Detector
- EXP-Donator
- Metin detector

Features - Multihack:

- Speed Hack (without being teleportet back)
- Attackspeed
- Attackrange
- Weapon-Hold
- Combo
- OneHit-Hack
- Wallhack
- Zoomhack
- NoFog
- MobOnClick
- ItemUpper
- Run to nearest Metin


Description of Functions:

Viruatotal of the Dll, the Injector


If you want a relogger, just take the one from Kamer here he explaines how to use it.

Download: Here (

[Per vedere i link devi REGISTRARTI.]


PS: Reuploads not allowed, you can post the Bot anywhere, but for the download always link to this Thread!

Enjoy it all Big Grin Smile

22/12/2011, 1:52

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