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- autoshoot - currently works only for automatic rifles, works best with norecoil and one hit kill and small maps, on metro causes total clusterfuck in enemy team if used properly
- custom aimkey
- custom bone (HEAD, HIPS, RANDOM)
- aim correction (stevemk14mbr) - distance + moving correction - works well with snipers - yesterday I shot sb headshot within 1020m
- enemy players ESP
- snaplines to them
- red - player is not visible, green - player is visible, blue - vehicle
- one hit kill
- sun flares removal
- LSD trip mode (picc related)
- I forgot to mention, that it has PB ss blocker (black ss)
- guid spoofer - you have different guid on each ss from punkbuster (it's only visual)
1. download dll
2. start bf3
3. inject dll with ur favourite injector (I used extreme injector 3.3)

F1-F8 switches features
DEL hides/shows menu
INS hides/shows debug view (some stuff on screen which I used to test some things)
[Immagine: EQXvdkL.jpg]
[Immagine: AVJxida.jpg]
[Immagine: QjNsFSN.jpg]
[Immagine: jUTsF61.jpg]


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interessante... ma guarda che il link di download punta ad un'immagine

01/09/2014, 21:54

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Porta all'ultimo screen Wink

02/09/2014, 0:41

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02/09/2014, 12:44
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non futiona linck ? dawnload

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10/04/2020, 11:41

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The topic is old, the hack too.

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Prima di aprire ogni contenuto scaricato su siti esterni ad HackMix, scansionatelo su VirusTotal.
11/04/2020, 12:09

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